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Who are we?

Portrait of Estefanía Sanz ÁvilaI’m Estefanía Sanz, illustrator, graphic and web designer, and biker! I love my job, it´s 100% vocational, and the best honor for me is you are happy with my designs.

I had my Degree in Fine Arts in 2008. I was looking for work in my country, Spain, but being the complicated situation, I decided to become a freelance designer and work at home, thanks to the internet. I got quite experience participating in contests on 99designs, and I could work for various clients around the world. Now it is one of the best decisions I ever made in my life.

PollueloThis is Polluelo, a sparrow and my faithful partner. He spends his days on my shoulder like a pirate parrot, pecking my earrings and pulling my hair. Sometimes he sings in my ear when I switch music and I encourage him enough (although he sings very bad, I don’t want to hurt his feelings).


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